Lori Michele Leavitt, founder of 10x! and "The Pivot Catalyst"

About Lori

10x! founder, Lori Michele Leavitt cares about business vibrancy and the vibrancy of leaders. A vibrant business stays ahead of the competition, commands its highest value, and is a great place to work. Vibrant leaders love what they do. They get clear about their vision, values and strategic objectives (“strategy”) and clearly communicate so that every person’s best work is aligned. Leaders inspire. They lead their organizations through Pivots and to performance breakthroughs.

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Serving members, and more, with thought leadership and coaching

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Lori Michele Leavitt, “The Pivot Catalyst”, has coached, consulted, and trained hundreds of leaders around the world to achieve their objectives and generate extraordinary momentum.

Keynote & Guest Speaker

Lori speaks globally on catalyzing momentum, leading, pivoting, and workplace culture change.

Founder & Author

Lori is founder and president of Abrige Corp., which offers the Aligned Momentum (A.M.)® leadership operating system to help managers lead better.

Thought Leadership

We gain awareness and grow from thought leadership…from the 10x! leader and coach, members like you who are wise and growing, and outside thought leaders (TLs) who have depth in their area of expertise. And while TLs are often excellent speakers, they join us to share knowledge and conversation. A small sample of outside thought leaders who have joined us: