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The 10x! Shift & Vision groups meet monthly. The Shift group meets for 6 months, after which one can reapply to Shift or apply for Vision. There is currently one Vision group and we are expanding to two groups. These are virtual online groups, offered to selected leaders anywhere. Details about group meeting dates and times will be shared during the interview process. Members are selected based on answers to the same questions you are being asked below. A referral into the group may help, but is not required nor is it a certainty for gaining a seat. We appreciate diversity and we are inclusive. That said, we do not request pictures or do any profiling beyond the fact that you are a leader, and that you express the character traits we look for in your responses: Courage-Tenacity-Curiosity.

By applying you are not committing to membership. If you have questions prior to applying, please email or you may contact the 10x! founder and group leader, Lori Michele Leavitt.

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If you are applying for someone else (perhaps you are the CEO or head of HR), indicate this in your response to the second general question and please make sure the candidate will be available for an interview.


  • Shift: This group accepts 6-9 members only once every 6 months, with repeats considered. Qualified individuals without a corporate sponsor may qualify for outside sponsor support.
  • Vision: Selected Shift members may move into Vision without re-applying. This group accepts 7-10 members (the local live group, running since 2014, accepts 8-12 members and may be open to 1-2 remote members if there is not a seat available in the remote group).
  • All-in Adventures: All 10x! members and alums are invited to All-in Adventures, which are live, in-person gatherings.

    Is this application for you or on behalf of someone else?
    SelfReferring someone else (check this and it will be understood that the answers are yours; not from the prospective member. Please indicate any part you want me to ask them.)

    Which group are you applying for?

    10x! Shift (6-month intensive)10x! Vision (for as long as you are inspired)Not sure

    Message from Lori -
    Please consider these questions and answer as if you were talking to a trusted coach, which I look forward to being - for you or for the person you are referring. Always confidential.


    We care about your privacy. Lori, and only Lori, personally reviews each application. Your application will not be reviewed by anyone else without your express permission. Your application will be securely stored if you want us to hold it for when there might be an opening. You may ask us to delete it, and you may re-apply later.