10x! Vision




A Vision Member’s story: This CEO felt he needed to be in the office, which hurt biz dev (and leisure) travel, which the CEO loved. This CEO, like the Shift alum, stepped up and the successor is now fully managing operations.


  • Courage: For the CEO to give room and for the now‐GM to lead well in his own authentic style.
  • Tenacity: Stepping up can be difficult for the person who has less tenure.
  • Curiosity: Taking the 10x! time to be strategic, when the pull toward the day‐to‐day is strong, requires both leadership abilities and prioritizing growing as a leader.

A Vision Alum’s story: At times, a CEO can lose passion for going into the office. The 10x! experience changed that. He grew. His business grew. But also how business was done and how he saw and felt about his business, changed and grew.


  • Courage: When something doesn’t feel right, it can be difficult to see and admit that it often starts inside.
  • Tenacity: Finding a way of “how we work around here” that resonates so deeply with the leader (and all) that everyone wants to be part of it, is often hard, but it’s worth it.
  • Curiosity: For this member, an adventure and the pause it involved helped catalyze a renewal and re‐engagement.