You have the courage to be vulnerable, to grow. You have what it takes to get through tough stuff toward a meaningful end. You know a lot, but you are not a know it all.

~B.B., Chief Technology Officer, Software

Lori does a great job creating a safe space in which one can be vulnerable and open about the challenges you face in your professional career amongst a peer group that will help you work through your issues and most importantly, hold you accountable.

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Our Purpose & Values

10x! is about business vibrancy, starting with vibrant leaders.

A vibrant business commands the highest valuation, stays ahead of
the competition, and is a great place to work.

We are a safe place where leader peers support each other in making
decisions and taking next steps – away from what isn’t serving the
business, their leadership or lives, and toward a better future.

We value clarity, momentum, true leadership, respect and trust.

~K.P., President, Equipment Dealer

As the leader of my business, I know that I need to nurture a growth mindset within myself in order for my company to flourish and grow.  Being part of a group with other business and community leaders where we can safely and confidentially talk about our challenges and successes is essential to maintaining a growth mindset.

The 10x! Experience

When you are ready for the 10x! experience, it can have a profound and lasting effect on your leadership, your career, and your life. What’s keeping you from experiencing growth, 10x!? More failures occur from avoiding change than from attempts to change.

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Focused & Nimble

To win in a crisis, or through any change, embrace imperfection while keeping an eye on the win.

  • Nimble (better) decisions
  • Inspiring vision
  • Bolder strategic moves
  • Play to strengths
arrows showing progress over time

10x! Growth

10x! ‐ You make things happen. Not 10x! ‐ Things happen to you. You watch things happen. You don’t know things are happening.

  • Better leader
  • More fulfilling career
  • Closer connections
  • Breakthrough performance
one person at the center of a network

Here, we say “I”

Change for a better future rather than dwelling on what’s changed from the past. One invigorates. The other strengthens resistance.

  • Live your legacy
  • Safe & candid conversations
  • Discover blind spots
  • Better future
~C.P., General Manager, Manufacturing

The mentoring and coaching I have received from Lori and the 10x! peer group have been invaluable.  I could not have been successful without it.

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10x! Shift. Step up your leadership game.

Be a 10x! Shift member for this six-month intensive program – for breakthrough and Pivots.

More about 10x! Shift

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10x! Vision. Gain the clarity to live your vision, and to be an inspiring leader.

Be a 10x! Vision member to keep your vision alive and increase velocity towards it, for as long as you are inspired.

More about 10x! Vision

Lori on an adventure with leaders

10x! All-in Adventures. Be YOU, in this moment.

Our meetings are energetic and create strong connections. Combine this with live adventures for spontaneous inspiration, and lasting memories, For members and alums.

Owner and CEO, Construction~M.H., Owner & CEO, Construction

Life is about connections. Not just networking; much deeper than that. In Lori’s group, and joining her in an adventure, I’ve expanded my connections in ways I had never imagined. These connections last. What I learned from thought leaders has stuck, and I’ve taken action. I’ve also put my key people into one of her groups. The experience has literally changed my life.

~B.C., Senior Vice President, Banking

Lori Michele Leavitt creates an environment and assembles programming that succeeds every time. How does it succeed? By supporting business leaders in ways that are practical, thought provoking, challenging, and ripe for sharing and problem solving. I have greatly benefited…

~C., Chief Executive Officer, Healthcare

Lori Leavitt is an experienced, knowledgeable resource for executive leaders. She has freely given of her time and expertise when I needed to float ideas and resolve challenges.

10x! Members Say…

The 10x! groups were founded in 2014, first as live groups and now also remote, from anywhere!